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Gravitation, Astrophysics and Cosmology - GrACo III
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Full list of Talks with abstracts new!

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List of Plenary Speakers

Jaílson Alcaniz - Baryon acoustic oscillations from the angular correlation function of SDSS luminous galaxies

Sandro Dias Pinto Vitenti - Combining probes with NumCosmo

Filipe Batoni Abdalla - Cosmology from cross correlaiton methods in optical surveys

María Victoria del Valle - Bombing the Galaxy: the impact of high velocity clouds

Gabriela Soledad Vila - Peeping into the jets of XRBs: SEDs, radio maps and polarization. The case of Cygnus X-1

María Clementina Medina - The neutrino - high energy gamma-rays connection revisited by CTA and GRAND

Vitório Alberto de Lorenci - Classical and quantum fields in the spacetime of a cosmic dislocation

Luis Lehner - Surprises in (nonlinear/strong) Gravity ?


Luis Lehner - Rattle and shine by compact binaries mergers in the gravitational wave astronomy era

List of Talks

List of Posters

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